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Street Style




cactus flowers

I’ve always enjoyed supporting small business owners and recently I came across a blog:  Soul Blind Ministry.  As one thing leads to another; Soul Blind Ministry introduced me to Changing Journey, where I was introduced to Teresa Boas.    Teresa is currently working on her dream of making creams from natural wholesome ingredients and she is selling her products through Etsy: Cactus Flower Naturals.  I recently purchased Lemon Drop Moisturizer and Shea Butter Coffee Scrub.   I found the prices very reasonable considering you’re getting an all natural product.  I use the Shea Butter Coffee Scrub every two or three days for my body and face and I have found that I don’t need to reapply moisturizer in between as my skin feels like silk and the coffee and sugar act as an exfoliant.  The scrub has a mixture of shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and olive oil. The scrub is pure luxury.  The lemon drop moisturizer smells so good you swear you could eat it.  The moisturizer contains natural organic unrefined African shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic sweet almond oil and 100% pure lemon, vanilla and lemmongrass essential oils.  I use this moisturizer on my face as well as my body.  Pure heaven and the smell of lemon last most of the day. Tessa sent a complimentary Lip Balm with my order as well.  I use the balm every day and my lips are like silk.  If you are looking for an all natural product without breaking the bank, you must try Cactus Flower Naturals products.  I know in my next order I plan to try the new Coffee Mud and the Shower Steamers

Hen House Linens


Browsing through Hen House Linens’ website this morning really hit a nerve with me. Maybe because as we head into Spring I start to think about casual and leisure entertainment with close friends. I am a linen person; I love tablecloths, napkins, place mats – I love the touch and feel of material in general. Last year while visiting the local Salvation Army, I found a table for my kitchen. All wood table for $9.99. I loved the base of the table but hated the top as it was tiled with an ugly tile. I considered painting it but to be honest I was too lazy – my answer – a tablecloth, transformed the table into a delightful sight! A few months back while out antiquing I found eight wooden chairs from the early 1900’s – I paid $200.00 for all eight. I knew the chairs were perfect for my thrifted table except the table is white and the chairs are a dark brown. I considered painting the chairs but the chairs have never been painted and I didn’t want to ruin the rustic look. Answer – tablecloth breaks the barrier between the chairs and the table. The next time you look at a tablecloth, look again the piece of material is a valuable decorating tool and worth the investment. Hen House Linens is my style of simple lines and prints. Suits my style of living and simplistic attitude toward decorating. Browsing through the spring collection, I find their prices reasonable..Click below and dream.


The ankle boot – love them or hate them.  Personally, I am a huge fan of any kind of  boot  and I love the ankle boot.  So versatile as you can wear them with skirts, skinny jeans, tights just to name a few.  Not to mention you can wear ankle boots all year-long – yes even summer!  Check out 10 ways to wear ankle boots link below for a few ideas to put together your wardrobe.Unknown-2 

10 ways to wear ankle boots



In the last few years I’ve really cut back on Christmas.  I prefer spending time with friends and family rather than running around malls looking for gifts that are not really needed.  The few gifts that I do buy I try to keep it local.  I support the small business guys – the little gal or guy on the corner.  It makes more sense to me.  Yeah you may spend a little more, but I find the quality of the products worth it, I’m not dealing with huge crowds or stress and when I leave the store I feel good knowing that I’ve supported an individual rather than a big corporation.  I also look to Etsy for local crafts or art.  A couple of years ago I decided to commission a local artist as I was interested in art work for my family room.  The family room is where we all gather and I’ve blended sports and family decor together.  I asked Micheline from Mish Mash to create an art canvas of the two boys playing hockey.  I had no idea what she was going to come up with.  Let’s just say it was a leap of faith – thankfully when it was all complete I loved it.  I think it makes the family room so much more personal and every time I look at the art work I smile.  I wrote about it in “Hockey Night in Canada” and I’m so glad I took a chance on a local artist.



Micheline also has an Etsy shop where she and her family sell hand crafted jewellery, scarves, hats, dolls just to list a few.  Double click on the link below for any last-minute gift items on your list.  I especially like the hand-made dolls – very unique.   Right now receive 20% off all jewellery until December 20th.

A+Jewellery & Crafts

Today I visited a little local haunt called the “Irish Clover” to look for handmade gifts for a friend’s birthday.  The Irish in me paved the path to the “Irish Clover” a few months back and after browsing for a few moments, I realized I knew the owner from my past.  Sadly her sister passed away the year before she opened the store and it was her sister’s passing that precipitated the grand opening.  Running her own decor store was always a dream of hers and she realized after her sister’s death that the time is now as life is too short.  When I purchase items from this store I feel good knowing that my purchase keeps the dream alive.  As you finish up your shopping for Christmas, look around at your locals – you may very well be helping someone achieve their dream.



17-Ton Marilyn, Enormous Abe and a Pitchfork in the Sky

Forever MarilynAlthough this is not models on a walkway or pictures of fashion hits, I think this exhibit is very fashionable and cool to boot. The exhibits of Seward Johnson very hip – I would like to see these sculptures in person.

off the leash

Forever Marilyn

Forever MarilynForever Marilyn is part of the Seward Johnson, The Retrospective exhibit at the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, N.J. The 84-year-old New Jersey native was the founder of the Grounds for Sculpture in 1992. More than 150 of his works are on display. The exhibit was scheduled for the summer of this year but it has been extended and will continue until July 2015.

Forever Marilyn, completed in 2011, is part of Johnson’s icon series. Other works in that series, Return Visit, God Bless America and Unconditional Surrender, are shown below.

Forever Marilyn Forever Marilyn

Return Visit Return Visit

Unconditional Surrender Unconditional Surrender

God Bless America God Bless America

The Works of Seward Johnson

All of the works shown above are enormous. Forever Marilyn is 26-feet high and weighs 17 tons. Also on display are a number of Johnson’s life-sized sculptures, part of his Celebrating the Familiar Series.

As you walk around the Grounds for Sculpture, these…

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Fall is my favourite time of the year.  It’s time for fresh thinking, for throwing out the old and bringing in the new.   Of course if you are a thrifter, it is time to changes seasons; a new season for clothes and home.  Instead of bringing in the new we thrifters bring in the old or “gently used.”  The collage shows some of my thrifting in the past little while.  The red jeans you see had an original $90.00 price tag.  Jeans have never been worn and I paid $20.00.   My all time favourite fabric is wool and plaid is at the top of my list as well – the boots and skirt you see below cost me just a little under $15.00.  Items for decorating – I find everything I need in thrift stores.  Ducks anyone, vintage magazines and cool looking candle holders.  Just takes a little imagination and a whole lot of love.


thrifting collage

Fashion Friday Featuring Daddy-O’s

I like this girl’s passion for fashion. I also love that someone so young is hooked on the 50’s! Happens to be my favourite era for fashion, music, actors, actresses and just about everything else. Love the dress Sarah is wearing and I really like the dresses selling at Daddy 0’s…take a look yourself…


Sarah Forshaw's Blog

This week’s Fashion Friday will be featuring Daddy O’s  a company I came across when I first started my journey into pinup, so you can imagine my excitement when I finally got to feature them here on my blog.

Unlike many of the companies and stores that I feature Daddy O’s caters to gentlemen as well. Yes so that means the fella in your life can be sporting some equally stylish duds, from Bowling shirts to belts they’ve got it all, in fact they even carry bowling shirts for little boys, which I have got to say is one of the cutest things ever…and I’m already planning outfits for my little nephew 😉

Since Daddy O’s carries a number of brands such as Stop Staring, Steady Clothing, and Lucky 13 just to name a few, you are guaranteed to find something suited just for you.  I ended up falling in love…

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purse and shoe collage

I had to run some errands today and I took a detour to stop by the local SPCA thrift shop. I entered the store at 5:20 pm for a 10 minute mad dash as the store closed at 5:30 pm. In the 10 minutes I was there I managed to save myself about $370.00. Yes you read it right over $300.00, because if I had bought these items at regular price I would of spent close to $400.00.   Instead I bought a pair of nine west shoes, a leather Gaya satchel bag, a cute denim purse and another pair of cute shoes – all for $19.00! I could of spent over $400.00 – tell me why  I should do that?


weddiing collage


My husband and I were married 16 years ago this past April.  We planned our wedding on a limited budget but thrifting wasn’t like it is today.  Every time I find myself in a thrift store I drift toward the wedding and party dress section and marvel at the beautiful dresses that are displayed and priced as low as $30.00.   If I was getting married today would I thrift my dress -damn right I would!  We had 150 guests attend our wedding and between the two of us, my husband and I had $10,000.00.  Everyone told us it couldn’t be done and at the end of the day the wedding, plus our mini three day honeymoon, cost us a few pennies over $13,000.00.   Now that I’m older and wiser I would of saved a ton more money by thrifting so many items.  I did save money by:

DIY invitations,

renting a hall and decorating it with friends and family

buying all of our own alcohol and stocking the bar ourselves,

hired a friend as a bartender,

made our own party favours and centre pieces,

created our own cake top,

made our own bows for the pews at the church,

We were married the weekend after Easter and the church was already filled

with flowers – graciously accepted the priest’s offer to use the flowers rather than ordering more,

assigned friends  and family certain jobs at the church and

at the hall on the day of the wedding.

It was a lot of work and the work couldn’t be completed by one person, so it became a community affair.  When you involve all family and friends it only makes the day more special and I found everyone was only too happy to help – everyone wanted to be involved in some way to help create a special day for the bride and groom.

I didn’t thrift my dress but I did get a good deal by buying off the rack.  My dress cost me $300.00 compared to minimum $2000.00 – $3000.00 to order a new one.  Personally I thought my dress was beautiful and just as beautiful as the more expensive versions.My very talented girlfriend sewed all of the bridesmaid and maid of honour dresses and I thrifted the flower girl’s dress for $4.00 and jazzed the dress up with ribbon.  The bridesmaid and maid of honour dresses came to just under $100.00.

I think we did really well in terms of wedding cost but if I was getting married tomorrow, I think I would find a barn, line it with wall to wall streamers, use vintage tins to make candles, fill thrifted vases with simple flowers for centre pieces, cater the wedding via food trucks, hire my Irish buddy and his band for music and everyone would be wearing thrifted outfits.  Picture of our wedding 16 years ago!

wedding live love and shine


Below how to make your own candles in vintage tins or tea cups courtesy of:

You’ll need a few things.

  • Wax
    • Buy wax at a craft store
    • Melt down those partially used holiday candles or candles that have warped due to storage or candles that you just don’t want to have around anymore.
  • Wicks
  • Tea Tins, Tea Cups, Sugar Bowls, Creamers

use Candle Warmers Etc. Original Candle Warmer to melt candles for reuse.




“If a young woman is beautiful but has no discipline, she will lose her looks as she grows older. If a plain woman is disciplined she will undoubtedly become more beautiful with time.”   Sophia Loren

There is something in a woman’s beauty regime many woman take for granted; sleep!  Sleep is just as important as the makeup you wear, the fashion style that you adopt and the jewellery that sparkles your personality.  In my younger days I remember a few of my girlfriends who did not spend a lot of time sleeping, wanted to be up into the wee hours sipping cocktails and partying.  They often depended on makeup to get them through the next day, but after a while it was hard to cover the black underneath the eyes or the hair that looked unhealthy.  I was never a big drinker, nor was I a big party girl, not that I didn’t enjoy my youthful days dancing the night away.  I’ve always needed my sleep and I made sure I got plenty of it by choosing the night I’d be out and making sure I’d rest in-between.    After a glass or two of wine, I would sip water the rest of the evening making sure I was hydrated.   Dehydration can play havoc on your body and your skin – water and more of it is a must for restoration and it’s the best anti-aging secret of all time.   Double click below and read tips regarding skin care and beauty sleep!

Beauty Sleep


I’m sure this has happened to everyone, I know it’s happened to me.  You show up at an event and you think you look great, impossible for someone else to have the same dress, skirt, blouse or coat because you are so unique.  You get to the event and there are two other woman wearing what you’re wearing.  When I graduated from high school, I didn’t want my mother spending money on a new dress for my grad party.  I had a beautiful dress sitting in my closet that I wore as a bridesmaid for my brother’s wedding the year before.  It wasn’t your classic bridesmaid dress with puffy sleeves and you  cringe for years after when you look back at the wedding pictures.  No, this was a gorgeous dress, a beautiful pink and I was so sure I would be unique because the dress was purchased at least a year earlier.  I get to the  grad dinner and I counted three dresses like mine.  Only one other pink one, the other two were a light green.  I didn’t waste a  lot of time worrying about the dress issue as I had some partying to do.   Now imagine if  you picked a coat and wore it to a high society wedding and it just so happens that the most fashionable woman in the world shows up wearing the same coat you’re wearing.  You either cower in the corner or you brag about your impeccable taste.  I think I would go for the impeccable taste line.  The poor woman below, I feel for her,  how unfortunate to show up wearing the same coat at the same wedding as Kate Middleton.  There is no competing with Kate!

kate and guest



I’ve been away for a while  (not completely away )I’ve managed to blog quite a bit on my writing blog momwhearingloss but I’ve neglected live-love-laugh and shine .  I just started following  Snork and I loved the post “Youthing.”    I am  back and I’m starting off  by re-blogging.  Double click the link below  and enjoy, especially if you’re like me and you’ve got a few grey streaks happening!

via Youthing.


STELLA AND DOT 3One of my co-workers from the office has started a new career on the side selling Stella and Dot.  I know, I know – I’m a Silpada Rep and its faux pas to promote another jewellery product.    Silpada offers a gorgeous jewellery line and their jewellery is handcrafted with .925 sterling silver and precious stones but lets face it there are other beautiful, popular products out there.  I’ve come to realize I’m not a one product girl and my taste varies – that’s why it’s hard for me to sell one product – wish I could be a rep for them all.  I am a big believer of supporting other ladies in their business.  Yes, even if it means promoting a jewellery product, supporting one another is healthy and makes good business sense.   Honesty has always been my best policy and I can honestly say I like this product.  I like the fact that the jewellery looks great worn for casual weekends or for hectic work weeks.   Lisa is the new kid on the block in our office and she always looks fabulous – let’s just say she’s the Kate Middleton of our group –  hair always looks fab, she looks great in everything she wears and since she’s been adding Stella and Dot to her wardrobe she is looking rather Hollywood!  Stella and Dot is big amongst the celebrities – just look at some of the gossip magazines and you’ll see Stella and Dot everywhere.    Lisa should do well in this line of business as she shines wearing Stella and Dot and she’s got a great personality without being a pushy sales person.   I wish her great success as she kicks off her new business adventure.  Take a look below to see who is wearing Stella and Dot and the great looks you can create with the Stella and Dot line.   The best way to earn great rewards is to host a trunk show – seriously consider it – hosting a trunk show is an opportunity to spend time with friends, family and neighbours,  gush over beautiful jewellery and shop for free as well get some pieces for 50% off .  To take a look at Lisa’s webpage, book a party or order on-line  go to:




A wardrobe for $23.50

thrift clothesMy days of mall shopping are over.  I’ve never really been a huge shopper I hate malls, but I like fashion so malls were a necessary evil.  Years ago I took up thrifting and stopped, I started thrifting again a  few years ago and now I live in thrift stores.   I never enter a mall unless I need underwear or other necessary garments!  As much as I don’t like shopping, I love thrifting – which is weird because you have to spend hours thrifting and sorting through merchandise and I’m addicted.  The lifestyle works both ways because every time I  purchase new items, I get rid of the same amount of items  – that way I won’t end up on an episode of hoarders!  The other day I was at the Salvation Army and I came across a picture that I really liked and almost purchased – it had a familiar,  comfortable home feeling about it and then I realized the picture was mine originally!  I almost bought a picture I gave away – that’s when you know you’re a converted thrifter.  The picture above isn’t the greatest picture but it gives you an idea how much thrift shopping can save you.  I spent a total of $23.50 – the grey skirt cost $1.50!  I have an army jacket, a skirt, a rocker sweater to wear with tights, a great striped cotton sweater to wear with jeans and a new workout top for the gym.  I will be able to make at least a dozen outfits or more out of my purchase- all for $23.50 – that’s why I thrift.  I also find that its way more interesting to come up with your own signature style rather than let the big box stores dictate how you dress…  Check out similar items and the cost below

In the picture below I found the army jacket on e-bay for $25.00 , the sweater and workout top I found on the internet for $29.00  and $25.00 and the skirt I found for $230.00 on the internet.  The internet skirt  is made out of silk and mine is not, however I’ve got the look for $1.50..That’s a whopping savings of at least $315.00 if you add in the other sweater I bought that I found similar sweaters on e-bay for $25.00 and above..Personally I like $23.50 better than over $300.00 and I’ve got money left over to enjoy life!

121132968251_2 44890-30654-T-168x196-AUTO Women__01648591_OLIVE_2 _8305109

Visual comparison: street style vs. forests

Never really thought about this -Daria has done a wonderful job of visually comparing everyday fashion to the earth’s elements.

Visual comparison: street style vs. forests

Forest | Street

As I’ve mentioned many times before, visual comparisons are an exercise of the imagination. Just browse a little, and you’ll find street style pictures that go with anything. Take forests, for example – because it’s fall and their colors have reached their annual perfection. Finding these similarities make me excited, like there’s a coincidental connection between all the things in the world – even between our sweet frivolous fashion and something as timeless as forests. That’s right, people, forests are in.

Visual comparison: street style vs. forests

Forest | Street

Visual comparison: street style vs. forests

Forest | Street

Visual comparison: street style vs. forests

Forest | Street

Visual comparison: street style vs. forests

Forest | Street

Visual comparison: street style vs. forests

Forest | Street

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Fashionably speaking, fall is my favourite time of the year.  I especially love September when you can pair a summer skirt, t-shirt, jean jacket and a pair of low boots, my all time favourite outfit.   For me it’s about breaking out of the rut of the heat and embracing the cold with attitude.  Once September is over it’s time to face the fall and winter full on.  Enjoy Ralph Lauren’s fall 2013/14 – looking very militant – “Embracing the fall with attitude!”

THE 50’S

I’ve always been drawn to the 50’s era – I love the clothes and I love the music.   I think the reason  I love  the 50’s is that people dressed up, no one would show up at a wedding in a pair of jeans.  The look was classy, elegant with just the right touch of sexy. Elvis, Marilyn – couldn’t get any more sexy.    I’ve been looking for a 50’s style two piece bathing suit(like the picture below) – I want something that covers and is a classic look.   I haven’t had any luck but I’m sure it will turn up at some point while I’m on a thrift adventure.  Enjoy the pictures and the video of Buddy Holly.  The video makes me smile –  everyone  behind Buddy while he’s singing acting all prim and proper – completely epitomizes the 50’s style.

50's collage3390795649_511abec122

F.i.n.t SS13 Collection

A child at heart – love these looks.


There’s few things in fashion I like more than little girls’ dresses. I never understand why the prettiest things I spot online or in stores can’t come in slightly larger sizes. Sometimes I score a skirt in H&M kids, and sometimes I even fit into a girls’ dress from the thrift store. It’s very rewarding, but what’s even more rewarding is looking at Japanese sites like F.i.n.t. They know that we need kids clothing for grownups, so they make it. Each dress is practically perfect, with sailor details, cameos or pretty prints. Truth to be told, a F.i.n.t shop would probably be overwhelming and would leave me breathless. Find all these in their online store.

fint collection


fint dresses

fint ss13

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36ffef92fa5e609e3394427389fe2adde3e6cc14a4f3cc9e75046a7659f15168Lately I’ve been asked by a few people for advice about thrifting.  They want to know the tricks of the trade as they find thrifting overwhelming.  With so much product in thrift stores, you can overload your senses.   A good thrift store has product that is organized by sizing, item and is usually labelled into clothing, housewares, jewellery etc.  The trick is to have an open mind, scan for material, size and prints that you like.  I throw everything I find into my cart and I always wear tights and an undershirt that covers so I can try on everything right there in the aisle.   Especially on sale days as the lineups are usually around the corner and I have no patience to wait in those long line-ups.  Below is a few tips to thrift like a pro:


The first point I mentioned above is the most important element to thrifting – have an open mind.  It’s amazing the kind of outfits you can put together with items already in your closet paired with a $3.00 – $5.00, shirt, blouse, jacket,  skirt, dress or pants.   The very last tip I would advise for thrifting is have a blast!


I’ve been hitting the thrift shops lately and finding some great pieces.  The other day we had a special dress day at work, “twin day” where we all wore the same thing; a red sweater, white blouse and black pants.  I realized I didn’t have a red sweater so off to Salvation Army I went and found the cutest red sweater for $3.99 and then I found a great pair of red strap shoes to go with the outfit; also $3.99.  I find it so much more exciting to find these treasures and pay so little than going to the mall and pay a ridiculous amount of money for clothes.  Several months ago I was shopping at “Double V” (fancy name for Value Village, double as in the way the french pronounce  “duu-ble”) during their 50% off day and I found so many items I had to put clothes back.   I don’t have a picture here, but I found this great Adidas jacket that day, paid $4.00 for an item that still had the tag from the original purchase attached; originally priced at a whopping $60.00.   Who throws out a jacket they’ve never worn?  Here’s a collage of a couple of outfits that I put together recently from my bargain hunting months ago:


The photo of the skirt in the big picture doesn’t do the skirt justice.  It’s a cute pink Old Navy A-line skirt with white pin stripes and I paid $3.00 for it at Double V.  The black wedge shoes worn with the outfit were purchased from Bibles for Missions Thrift store at $3.99.  The jean jacket was up-cycled from my closet, the scarf was a gift from a friend  purchased on her recent travels to Italy, the jewellery is from the Silpada line, except the turquoise ball bracelet; made by a friend of mine.

The Dress shown in the bottom left hand corner was also a steal from Double V at $4.00 or $5.00, the blazer was up-clycled from my closet along with the purse that I’ve long forgotten about. The shoes were purchased the same day I purchased the black wedges at the Bibles for Mission store and I paid a whole $3.99.  Easter Sunday I wore this dress to a friend’s house and one of the guest said she loved my dress and admired the colours.  I never hide my thrift finds and I confessed that I bought the dress from Double V for $5.00.  Two more woman at the dinner stood up to show off their thrift finds they were wearing for Easter.  Move over designers, thrifting is the wave of the future!

I save a lot of money thrifting, but I will splurge in some areas and good jewellery is one of them.   I like good quality jewellery that stands out and helps transform my thrift shop deals into amazing outfits over and over again.   Silpada Designs does just that, plus the company stands by it’s product; offering lifetime guarantees and money back if the product is not satisfactory.  See something you like, contact me for prices and shipping.  For a browse through the catalogue go to:

We So Thrifty

Remember how in my last post I was all “so put on your pink dress show winter who’s boss!”? Yeah. That lasted about a day and a half. Then April came and I saw the words “windchill of -12,” and I started feeling like a petulant child again: “NO MORE OUTFIT POSTS UNTIL YOU GO AWAY WINTER! NO MORE!” I have florals that want to be worn, sandals waiting to be buckled, and nylons that I yearn to symbolically burn. Alas, all of those things will have to wait just a few more days. In the meantime, I realized it’s been a while (like, a year) since I posted a behind-the-seams thrift trip. This should serve as the perfect filler while we wait (not so patiently) for spring.

Behind the Seams // We So Thrifty

Over the Easter weekend, Matt and I headed to the USA to visit some in-laws. You may recall that last spring…

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I love wedge foot wear.   For some reason I find them more comfortable than high heels. I also think the shoe looks far more chic than a regular heel – especially with a pair of jeans.  Take a look below for some fashion ideas – even Kate wears them..

Pictures from pinterest and  Chictopia.


e198b074cde4795ad21b936f3f2f8a55 6406f234e7ad063044f3f01f0298ff89 f9e1d995cad48af4e44a7445c0829343e3e6cc14a4f3cc9e75046a7659f15168e9deb7d9639813f4fb5cd97bd6d560d7Don’t forget accessories, try pairing fabulous jewellery with the wedge look.  A great jacket, jeans or a dress, fabulous earrings, complimented with wedge shoes or boots and you are rockin in style!



b8aba6d59554a7b94a9f749af6ab6458 068171ef69b441f257f5712c22299887 44491b98b6d30c50cf868e3d4037955a 36ffef92fa5e609e3394427389fe2add



I found this video on the internet a long time ago and I wanted to post it to this blog but the song has language that I don’t like so I chose not to post it.   Now I hear it on the radio all the time and it’s a clean version – finally found this clean version of the video – I love the song and I love the video – this is for all you thrifty people….If you want to check out the original version just type thrift song in google – warning the language is not nice…


H&M brought their product alive for a crowd in Amsterdam – take a look – brilliant marketing..

*From the Video Description*:

On 22, 23 & 24 November 2010, H&M brought their flagship store in Amsterdam to live with a 3D projection mapping on the historic building. For over 3 minutes, guests and a gathered crowd enjoyed a surreal fairytale of light and magical effects. A red ribbon, wrapped around the building, untangles and transformed the building into a colorful dollhouse where nothing is what it seems.


I went to Value Village the other day and was pleasantly surprised that all items in the store were 50% off.  The store was packed and I must say a lot of well dressed ladies and gents there!   I love thrifting and I got some great bargains.   American Eagle, Evan Picone, Naturalizer and Roots.  The best part  of the day –  I didn’t pay over $10.00 for anything, as a a matter of fact $10.00 was my most expensive item – the rest were between $3.00 and $5.00!  For all you green people out there – buying used clothing is a great recycling program.  A few hints for thrifty shopping:

Look at everything

Check out underarms for stains and any smells

If you don’t sew – don’t buy anything that needs lots of repairs

When looking through long racks of clothes – look for prints and material that you find appealing

Within reason – try any style – you just never know what will work

Budget – don’t buy more than you need

When you get home – bag items to give back to thrift store that way you don’t end up with a closet of clothes you don’t wear

My bargain finds:

Pair a blouse, simple skirt and a blazer – all in black and grey to go with those awesome shoes  – Total cost for the shoes – $3.00!!

Great pillow for $1.00…

I’ll post the outfits I come up with for the rest of my bargains, until then take a look below and think about what you can do with thrift store finds!

Take a look at the following link for great fashion at Value Village:  Value Village fashion show


No I don’t sell this jewellery but I have to share this link  – I know a good thing when I see it..  The studio where this jewellery is designed  is right here in Vancouver.  These pieces look beautiful and the design is unique to say the least..Take a peek at the video below – double click on the word pyrrha:


Check out the stars wearing Pyrrha – gotta get me some..  To see more of the Pyrrha collection go to:


If I told you that you could buy a really great dress that looks awesome and totally chic and lined….for $4.95..would you believe me?  Well it’s true, last week I went grocery shopping at the Great Canadian Superstore and I took a boo in Joe’s.  I never made it out of Joe’s and I never got my groceries.  I found so many items for under $5.00 and spent so much time trying on clothes, I realized I had no time for grocery shopping as I had to pick up my son from school..  Here it is.. $4.95..yep that’s right just $4.95…who says you have to pay more for great fashion…

add a jacket…..

add some cool jewellery – the necklace cost way more than the dress!




Fashionably speaking, summer is not my favourite time of the fashion year.  Yes I enjoy the carefree sun dresses, open toe shoes, flip flops and shorts, but I prefer the fashion of fall.   Maybe it has something to do with the start of school, the start of a new season – new beginnings.  Although it’s still pretty warm out there, I love long sleeve tops, pants, jackets, tights, blazers and don’t forget the boots!  Love wearing boots, short boots, long boots, riding boots – everything boots I love.  Right now is the perfect time to mix summer and winter together.  How about a short a-line summer skirt paired with a t-shirt, a short blazer and booties.  I think it looks hip and now is the time to play with fashion and have a ball.  Double click on “how to add your summer dresses to your winter wardrobe” for ideas on how to play with summer and winter fashion.  Don’t put those summer clothes away yet…

how to add your summer dresses to your winter wardrobe

Scarves, scarves and more scarves – the perfect way to transition summer and winter…  Double click below  and watch the video for great ways to wear scarves – I guarantee you will be amazed at what you can do..

8 different ways to wear a scarf

Picture taken from  Adding boots to the yellow summer skirt and lace blouse gives the outfit an edge I love…  Don’t forget jewellery – layer the jewellery like you layer the clothing – makes complete fashion sense…

Interested in the jewellery line I sell, contact me at for more information…



Have to admit, I don’t own a pair.  When the gladiator sandals became such a big hit I really didn’t like the look, so I never invested in a pair.  As of late the gladiators are  growing on me and I think I’ll get a pair this summer. I’m forever behind in style, I tend to wear things I like and I don’t care if it’s trendy.  Problem is when I finally decide I like something and start wearing the look  – the look is out of style!   However, the gladiators seem to be in style year after year!  I honestly didn’t think the fad would last more than a season.    Don’t think I’m ready for up to the knees yet but the short ankle boot style would be nice!  Double click below for some awesome looks!


If you’re interested in a little history of the gladiator sandal double click below:


Seems ironic that such a strong and lasting style has emerged from the gladiator sandal, as the gladiator sandal originated with big tough Roman gladiators fighting wars and God knows what else!

Jewellery -always looking for the perfect piece to match any given outfit – the gladiators do pretty well on their own, but you can always add a little glam!


Everything must come to an end!  Even great jewellery can be put out to pasture.  It’s a retirement party and you’re all invited!   Retirees like a deal and this retirement party is no different. To take a browse through the retired catalogue and find out all the details contact  me at  The sooner the better, because once the items are gone, they are gone – just like the retired neighbour I know who flies south every winter!


I’ve always loved the Bohemian look and the 70’s was very influenced by the Bohemian style.  I was a teenager in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  I can remember the hair, wide pants, flowy blouses with lace or crochet borders.   The look works for every body shape and you can hide a lot with this look.  Check out your closet and see what you can come up with. Double click on one of the pictures in the gallery below for a close up view of the 70’s style.

Double click on the video below to see the 70’s bohemian style right from the streets of London!

With the Bohemian look you need accessories to complete the look – try adding chunky rings, many bracelets and layer those necklaces.


When I put on a pair of jeans or cargo pants, I think T-shirts, casual but if you’re more fashioned sense than me you know that jeans or cargos can be dressed up beautifully with a formal or dressy shirt and a dressier shoe than runners.   Someone like Julie at “we so thrifty”, knows how good a dressy blouse looks with a pair of cargos – check out her Easter Bunnies and copy cats below to see what she came up with from a thrift store:

Easter Bunnies & Copy Cats.

We so thrifty inspires me as Julie has banned going to the malls – everything she buys is from a thrift store or consignment – no mall shopping.  I’m trying to take that one step further and use everything I have in my closet.  Make new outfits out of old clothes.  Why not my closet is full and my life is full of expenses with raising two boys – so pair those casuals and formals – looks great.





A few years ago I spent some time at the “happiest place on earth” with my family.  I grabbed Cruella as soon as I saw her.    Forget Mickey, I had to get a picture with Cruella Deville.  Possibly one of the most fashionable Disney figures.   Cruella is definitely a slave to fashion as she just has to have those poor little puppies to create her dalmatian wardrobe.  Have you ever known someone like Cruella?  I don’t mean someone who would kill puppies for fashion, but someone who might kill for the latest designer coat or skirt.  Will spend $600.00  on a designer label because nothing else will do.  I have known both men and woman who must wear all the latest trends and fads and sacrifice their financial well-being to get it!  Maybe Cruella is extreme but not so unrealistic when you think about it.  Let’s face it a whole industry is geared toward slaves of fashion.  Designers don’t come up with something new just so you can wear last year’s look!  I am not a slave to fashion, I tend to wear an outfit  because I happen to like it and I don’t really care if it’s the latest or not.   Not that I haven’t been sucked into the “I’ve got to have the latest look or a particular brand” scheme over the years.  I’d be lying if I said I haven’t, but now that I’m older and wiser I also know that some of that smitten feeling wears off soon after you tear off the price tag.  I guess the key to this whole fashion question is about what your comfort zone is, your personal comfort zone and your financial comfort zone.  Breaking the bank isn’t smart fashion, being fashionable on your own terms is smart fashion.  After Glen Close’s fabulous characterization of Cruella in the movie 101 Dalmatians, some of the designer runways started to look a little dalmatiany!  Check it out below:

Look what that naughty evil Cruella inspired:


Those poor puppies!  Who inspires your fashion sense?  Doesn’t have to be somebody famous or evil, could  be your neighbour.   Right now I’m liking polka-dots!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



What would fashion be without makeup.  Can you imagine a model walking down the runway in a gorgeous outfit and absolutely no makeup?  Even if the makeup is completely outrageous and it would never work in an every day setting, it still adds to the model, to the show and to the overall mood.  That’s what makeup does in everyday life as well.  It adds to the person, to the show we call life and can uplift even the most lowest mood.  Makeup can be fun, natural, smokey and even down right funky.  The makeup that I’m writing about probably isn’t talked about as much as lip colour, eye colour, cheek colour as all of these items add to the final touch of your look on any given day.   I’m talking about foundation and moisturizer, coverage and protection.  Overall I think it is the most important step in your daily routine.  Especially since we are now in Spring and hopefully getting more vitamin D!  A good moisturizer with SPF and a foundation is a must, especially in the fight against skin cancer and aging.  We all know the sun can cause skin cancer, premature aging and lines.   We wear makeup to look younger and more polished so why miss out on the most important step?  When looking at a daily moisturizer and a foundation the possibilities are endless.  Lucky for woman today the price tag doesn’t have to be extravagant.   I can remember in my mother’s day the only foundation that was worth buying was at the big department stores and you paid good money for the product.   The drugstore variety just didn’t cut it and the makeup looked cakey and felt very thick on the skin. Today there are so many great products that are readily available at your local drugstore and good catalogue varieties as well such as Mary Kay, Avon and Artistry(Amway) to name a few.  When choosing a foundation make sure you do a colour test on your skin and if you are not using a moisturizer with SPF of at least 15, it’s a good idea to buy a SPF foundation.   Of course all this talk about foundation, don’t’ forget a good powder to finish off the job!   Moisturizer is another product that can be readily found at drugstores or through companies like Mary Kay and Avon.  Like foundation it’s trial and error to see what works.    I’ve tried everything from the drugstore variety to Estee Lauder.  The Estee Lauder moisturizer set me back $100.00.  I was so taken by the demonstration of the product and loved the feel of my skin after using it on my face.  I had the moisturizer for about three days and I accidentally dropped it on the the tile floor in my bathroom.  I was so upset because I spent good money on the product and desperately tried to scoop the moisturizer back in a jar!  A friend of mine pointed out that I was also scooping up a big load of bacteria with that $100.00 moisturizer.  I learned a valuable lesson that day, if you can’t afford the expensive products don’t spend your hard earned cash!  A good daily moisturizer is a must for underneath foundation.  Make sure you buy a product that works with your skin type, oily, dry and t-zone.  Double click on the word MOISTURIZER for a review of moisturizers.

Hope you enjoyed this post.  One last mention –   if you’re interested in trying Mary Kay, as the company was mentioned in the top twenty moisturizers listed in the review, I happen to know a Mary Kay advisor.  Ursula Zulke can help you with all of your makeup needs from moisturizer to mascara.  Here’s an idea for a girls’ night out – hold a makeup party!  Ursula can help you organize a fun party!  Double click on the word on-line catalogue to view Mary Kay’s e-catalogue or complete a virtual makeover.   You can e-mail Ursula at:


Love looking at Vintage jewellery and reminiscing about my grandmother, mother and the jewellery they wore many moons ago!  When I think of my grandmother I think brooch  – just like the kind shown in the video below.  I don’t sell vintage but I do have some cool pieces – contact me at or leave a comment to see the catalogue!


I love yellow for Spring.  Something about it makes me feel like Spring has arrived.  My favourite flower is anything yellow.  I paired a $3.00 Salvation Army thrift store yellow shirt with a pair of brown Tommy Hilfiger pants, wedged leather shoes, pearls, wooden and silver accessories.  Yellow and pearls – something so fresh in that.  Took pictures of the outfit, I’m not into the modelling thing!  If you want to see some great yellow fashion for the Spring and gorgeous models – click on the words below and check out the fashion that is hot on the runway for April 2012.  My favourite is the very last picture – 1950’s inspired soft lemon Louis Vuitton number – what’s your favourite?